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Author Topic: Unhappy Customer Ajk Communications  (Read 2181 times)

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Unhappy Customer Ajk Communications
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2011, 01:20:26 AM »
I received an email from the owner of ajk communications on the 8/1/11 at 11:47pm saying this below

That he demands his Shop listing on Cbdomain.coms web site in NSW CB shops be removed and that he no longer wishes to be associated with CBDomain.coms (the oldest, the best, the biggist CB web site in AUSTRALIA SOBBING sorry lol) website under any circumstances.

As he was unhappy with the free service that listed his Web site, as he claims an email he sent me 2 years ago asking me to change the address of his business wasn't done, well Andrew your wrong it was changed.

It was done but he as an So called IT specialist didn't refresh his web browser to show the changes. Go figure.

So I have removed this free listing with such delight and freedom and I had to go hug a random person on the street to feel better about myself and that I have been purged lol.

So please feel free people to feel sympathy for Andrew Kenna from Ajk Communications as he was un happy with the free service that was given no strings attached.

I'm so mortified from the loss and i don't think i will recover from the tragic loss lol
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