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Author Topic: The Waverley Amateur Radio Society Auction, Saturday, July 12th 2008  (Read 4337 times)

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The Waverley Amateur Radio Society Auction, Saturday, July 12th 2008
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2008, 12:57:43 PM »
General information
These sales have now been run by the club for several years. We apologise that our winter auction has had to be postponed until Saturday, July 12th due to circumstances beyond our control.
The auction is our major function for the year and consists of plenty of Radio & Electronic material for sale. It is open to all to buy or sell whether a club member or not. You should find everything you want to know about the auction on this page, but if you have a query, send an email as below.

In our experience the best sellers are low to medium priced useful bits of equipment, components or vintage items of collector interest. It may help if anything you have for sale is illustrated on this site, to use this facility just email us with a brief description and preferably a photo. Click to see items that will be included in the sale.

Apart from the auction itself there is the popular low value item trash & treasure stand.

For queries or to have auction items listed here, please email Simon VK2UA.

Important information
The auction is held at our club house in Vickery Avenue, Rose Bay behind the RSL club
A location map is available
Previous years' participants will be pre-registered with the same number
New sellers can pre-register names (to get a number for sale tickets) by email to: auction at vk2bv.org
Gates open at 8:30, new sellers, and optionally buyers, register to get a number and create account
Free parking available in the public car park in Lyne Park outside the club grounds
No parking is available in the Scout Hall grounds. Drive in ONLY to drop off or pick up goods - 5 mins max.
Auction commences at 10:30 am
Seller's commission is 10% per lot up to $100, $10 fixed thereafter
No buyers premium is charged
Each lot must be marked with two identical tickets (see format below)
The club takes no responsibility for the security of lots; this is the responsibility of the vendor before sale and the buyer after
Unregistered buyers to pay cash as each lot is bought
Registered buyers/sellers to settle accounts at end of sale
Cash only accepted (ATM in RSL next door) except for known buyers who may pay by cheque
Sale expected to finish about 2pm
Liaison frequency: Paddington repeater: 147.025+ 123hz tone
A $2 admission fee is charged, which also buys you tea and coffee all day
Soft drinks, cake and hot-dog stall
Disinterested family members can enjoy the attractive harbouside Lyne Park and playground
Grog, pokies & conveniences at the adjacent RSL Club from 10:00 am

Types of items offered
Here are some of the types of goods that have been sold at previous sales.
H/F rigs, VHF and UHF mobile rigs and handhelds
Dummy loads, ATUs, station monitors
Power/SWR meters
Beam and whip antennas
Multimeters and other test gear
Signal generators and oscilloscopes
Vintage and Collectable radios
Radio related books and magazines
Boxes of useful components, connectors and cables
Transmitting and receiving valves
Power supplies
Miscellaneous useful electronic equipment
What can i say but just that