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anyone willing


ok great will look forward to chatting with you soon thanks.

Hello, my name is David b. I'm a KUR02 user and have tried to contact you personally. I called ya mate CJ, but am yet to email him.... (I'm LAZY SORRY  >:() Any how!!! I'm willing to allow you guys to run all your live feeds to my server in ACT, I have a dedicated that can host 100+ listeners on each feed. The only prob is your broadcasters would have to move to an OGG broadcasting format or a simple WinAmp ShoutCast connection. I'm also willing to host your IRC network as I currently am an Opperator and own a few "leafs" on IRC Chat network. we have servers in AUS and USA. Including Channel Services, Nick Services and more. This would all be free of charge and would allow you guys to worry a little less. Not to mention the bandwidth eaten by this sever when people connect to the live feeds! If you wish to contact me, please email me, or add me to MSN I am also willing to host others sites for free as I have a large chunk of unused space in USA with cPanel (a leading client panel, including premade scripts, webmail and more). So if the odd browser needs some webspace for their own site please also feel free to MSN me.

Is there anyone willing to host a live feed for the Amateur Bands 2m 70cm HF ?, if so let us know if you wish us to host the link on, or if you need help on setting one up.

You will need adsl/cable a p2 400mhz or higher, 512 ram windows 98 or xp you will need to keep the same ip all the time of have a ip updater.


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